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Retiree Reimbursement Accounts

RRAs are employer funded, tax-free accounts that help retirees pay and save for health care expenses.

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Help Your Employees Secure Their Retirement Healthcare Futures

Data shows that health care expenditures dramatically increase for individuals as they get older which can become an overbearing obstacle in retirement. London’s Retirement Reimbursement Accounts are tax-fee vehicles that allow employers to give back and reward their formal employees for their hard work and loyalty by helping them pay for health care expenses while in retirement.

Perks of the Plan

  • Helps make health care more affordable into retirement for retirees.
  • Increases benefits package and tax savings for employers.
  • Multiple payment options—claim feed from carrier, debit card, online portal, mobile application, email, fax, and mail.
  • Eligible expenses—includes qualified out-of-pocket health expenses and Medicare premiums