London Health is now part of national and industry-leading third-party administrator, Flores & Associates. Here is a link to the acquisition press release: Flores & Associates LLC Acquires London Health Ltd.

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Custom employee benefit plans with a personal touch.

London Health is dedicated to you! Your employee benefit goals are our #1 priority. We are prepared to dedicate all resources to building personal service relationships with our clients and adapting our administration to help achieving your specific employee benefit goals.

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What We Do

London Health is a customer-friendly third-party administrator specializing in administrating employee benefit programs such as HRAs, HSAs, FSAs, and COBRA. We are dedicated to delivering personal service, seamless administration, and cost-focused consumer-driven solutions that allow employees and employers to maximize their benefit dollars and experiences.

We offer a wide-range of personalized solutions:


Health Reimbursement Arrangements

Employer funded plans that attach to a health plan to lower the cost and make it a better plan.

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Employer and employee contribute tax free funds for affordability. For short or long term.

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Employee to set aside tax-free funds to pay for health costs, dependent, or work-related expenses.

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COBRA Administration Services

Keeping you in compliance and outsourcing the complete admin of your program.

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We also offer:

Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Associations | Retiree Reimbursement Accounts | Wellness Incentive Accounts

“From the beginning of the relationship, we have had nothing but positive experiences working with London. They were excellent and flexible partners throughout implementation, were able to adapt to our standards and would always drive resolution of issues quickly and effectively. Over the years, I have only heard positive comments back on the platform and interactions with London from internal stakeholders to employers and members.”

Chief Information Officer

“London Health is by far the best company I have ever worked with!  Everything from our first call, setup, and through today has gone perfectly. Everyone that I have dealt with has been unbelievable! Very knowledgeable, prompt response time, and if there ever has been any issues (only very minor) they are resolved immediately.  I couldn’t ask for more. Plus, every employee I have talked to about London feels the same way. I have not had one complaint. I only wish we had contacted you back in 2011 when we first implemented our HRA.”

Benefits Administrator

“London Health is undoubtedly at the top of our preferred vendor list when it comes to pre-tax accounts, reimbursement accounts, and COBRA. They have the most responsive customer service team in the industry to go along with their user-friendly employer and employee-facing portals. Aside from the standard TPA services, LHA provides unique funding arrangements to maximize our performance as employee benefit consultants, hands on training and education, and 1st class mobile technology. Regardless of insurance carrier or employer, I confidently present London Health regularly.”


“We are pleased to work with London Health as a preferred third party administrator.  We have dozens of clients that we have recommended London to and they have all been very pleased.  London Health is professional, responsive and cares about their clients.  The service is top notch.”


“London Health provides the highest customer service of all the TPAs that we work with.  They accomplish this with the highest level of support for our mutual clients, most prompt response rate we see in the industry, and a collaborative partner relationship in helping solve our mutual client issues.  London Health Administrators is our preferred TPA for HRA, FSA and COBRA services for all our clients.”

Practice Leader